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Happy Independence Day, America!

Haveing been back in the country for about three weeks now, life has mostly sidled back into normal. My sleep schedule is still crazy, but that’s now mostly because I work dinner shifts as a waitress.

But to be back in a country where at night, one has to wonder, are those fireworks or gunshots? Is that person going to even be able to locate Paris on a map, I don’t know! The things that I’m struggling with still getting used to is the lack of bisous. I keep leaning in to kiss the cheeks of people I know, but no one is expecting it! And then I realize what a non-affectionate culture we have here.

But, it is nice to be home, and to be working, and to be getting ready for finishing my degree.

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One Day More.

I sit here in my room, surrounded by my stuff, and I just don’t even know what to think. Jae Seok just asked me if everything would fit, and wow, I brought two suitcases, jeez that’s a lot.

Boys, I swear.

It feels weird to be leaving (especially since I still owe Françoise a bit of money, but I’ll send her a gift once I get back to the US), and it’s an even more intense reminder that my life as a youth is coming to a close. Next fall, my final year at Aquinas will start, and with that, brings over reflection on my expectations.

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I apologize for the brief interruption by David Bowie. 

Anyways, that last post was pretty heavy, so I figure that I should talk about something a little more goofy, and something that I think most Americans find fascinating about the French: their style.

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Presque Fini?!?

Oh, at long last, I can practically see America. The semester is finishing up, and I have just had my very last phonetics practice class, which I found very frustrating. While I loved my teacher, Elise, whom I’ve gone out to the bar with and have otherwise found to be nice and understanding, I just had a bad mix of classmates…mostly American ones that were very obnoxious toward the rest of the class. After break I began to dread going, just because I really cannot handle the four that caused all the frustration, but, I never have to talk to them again!

Instead of doing our normal exercises, Elise shared a song with us. 

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Anonymous asked: Salut Regan, tout va bien ? J'ai suivi avec grand intérêt et plaisirs tous tes posts, mais il n'y a rien de nouveau depuis le 8 mai. Vu que jusque-là tu postais régulièrement, je me suis demandé si tout allait bien. J'espère que oui. A bientôt ! Stéphane

Aha! Merci, Stéphane! Oui, j’avais juste posté un nouveau blog aujourd’hui! Si, si, tout va bien, mais, c’était les vacances de printemps, et maintenant, les examens commence, donc j’avais été un peu occupé! À bientôt—R.

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Let’s Talk About Influences

I’ve been very lucky to have a lot people help me along the way in my life, and since I’ve just gotten back from a long trip, I think it’s time to give some kudos.

One: My parents. They are incredibly supportive individuals, who’ve cautioned me, but never told me no. I think that’s they’re much of the reason why I’ve always dreamed big, but have worked hard and taken the realistic steps, rather than just lolly-gagging around and hoping for things to go my way. Rich, Sue, you know I’m grateful, even if I don’t always say it!

Two: A large group of teachers. Shout outs to Dr. Gretchen Rumohr-Voskuil, for being awesome and giving me so many opportunites. I cannot thank you enough. Mrs. Karen Nemecek, for recognizing my talent and being extremely encouraging. Dr. Jen Dawson, for always finding a way, and listening. Professor Vicki McMillan, for always giving good advice, a good ass-kicking when I need, and for being a saint on earth. And also a STYLE ICON! Mrs. Anne Srigley (I know you’re out there somewhere!) for being kind and caring and inspiring. Dr. Dan Brooks, for putting up with my weird questions, questionable grammar, and listening to my strange ideas. Stephane Bédère, for always telling me to try, even if I might mess up!

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